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    Got a couple of old school RA Lights Twisties here. Pricing includes all fees and tracked Priority shipping.

    1. Twisty 100. Not sure of any specifics but it does have 3 stages of light. I sent this in to HDS about 6 months back when the low stopped working and it had only 2 stages. Apparently if these set up a while it happens. They went through everything and got it all back in perfect working order. Not a scratch or ding anywhere I can see on this light. Includes original paperwork and 2 original O-ring seals. $175

    2. RA Lights 85Tr. Yep this is the hard to find classic with the low red setting and is pretty rare. No scratches or dings anywhere and will ship in this custom Pelican case along with original instructions and 2 original O-rings. $450 firm.

    Not looking for trades at this time but may consider a good old school EDC Ultimate 60 variant with a pocket clip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarineWar1 View Post
    Attachment does not work.

    Also, 450 seems really steep. If it sells for that... I might sell mine!
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    I understand, I purchased it for that. BUT I won't cry if it doesn't sell, either.

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    I would like that Tr85 to my collection.. PM me a paypal address and we will make it so.
    Quote Originally Posted by MarineWar1 View Post
    I understand, I purchased it for that. BUT I won't cry if it doesn't sell, either.

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    Oh so sorry. I can't put the funds together for this. Sorry to hold this up so long.

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