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Thread: Fenix LR50R

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    Fenix fan here. I've been looking at the LR50R as an upgrade to my 2015 TK75, but I'm not so sure on their LED's(Luminus SST70 LEDs). I'm surprised there are no Cree's on this model. Should I be concerned? Would I be better satisfied with for instance a comparable Acebeam?

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    After doing some research, I decided on a Acebeam X45 with the Cree XHP70 Gen2 emitters(5000k). Plus I saved a hundred bucks over the Fenix LR50R.

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    I'm afraid this one has to go back. The 5000k emitters are a nasty yellow on this example, guess I should have chosen the 6500K model. Oh well, it's no biggie.

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