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Thread: Nylon Streamlight Stinger Holsters

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    Default Nylon Streamlight Stinger Holsters

    I am looking around for a suitable open-top holster for my old beater Streamlight Stinger. I know that there are some genuine Streamlight open-top nylon holsters and some others, too, like the Nite-Ize holster. Does anybody here have any experience with any of those or any other nylon open-top holsters that will work with a Streamlight Stinger?

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    I am partial to the Bianchi Accumold light holders.
    Open top. Slide in. Unobtrusive on the belt.

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    We use the Nite-Ize at work. I don't personally use it since it does not really fit my flashlight that well. But for the flashlight the work offers which is a Pelican 7060 or something along that line it works very well, and the stinger has a similar form that works nicely with the Nite-Ize.
    Not heard anyone complain about it and the rotation feature comes in handy when you want want some light without having to hold it.
    And it's really easy to put on and off the belt thanks to it's clip design.

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