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    Question for you guys who have been around for many years and may have have one of these.. Being around 15 years old, I can't find much info on them, or replacement parts.
    I found an LED dropin some 7 years ago, but promptly blew when i turned it on. (I think batteries had to be reversed) So.. are there any upgrades, or shall I toss it into the pile of "days gone by" lights?
    It still works great for an incandescent, and the LED tail cap is OK for what it is, but there are much better options for everyday users.

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    I don't know, and am ~12 years removed from selling off all my Wolf-Eyes stuff, but have some maybes.
    Check with Mark at Lumens Factory. They specifically say their newer LED D36 LAs do not work with Wolf-Eyes lights, BUT the M90 had a different head from the 3 cell lights like the Raider, and, as I recall(with my questionable memory), could fit some LAs that wouldn't work in the other WE lights.
    There are also D36 dropins from that MAY fit, and you could ask.

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    Thank you.... If I can't find anything, I will pass it on to my pest control guy as he is a light guy.. he can put it into his collection. I'm getting to the age that I am trying to clear out unused stuff..

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    I would be interested in any options you might find!

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    I still have my M90, with the original bulb.
    Sadly, realistically; she's going to stay in hibernation until I either move (long time from now and definitely out of state). Or, somebody finds it in one of my numerous storage boxes after I've thankfully left this joke of a plain of existence; and gone on to a much better place.
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    If you havenít moved from nyc yet. Your a lifer. 😁
    If i had one day left to live i would want to be at my workplace.Because every day is like a frickin eternity.

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