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Thread: 1500W LED Flashlight, >100.000 Lumen, >1Mcd

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    Default 1500W LED Flashlight, >100.000 Lumen, >1Mcd

    After some Months of development and build time, it is nearly finished now:
    • around 1.5 kW maximum power
    • >100.000 Lumen total output
    • intensity >1Mcd
    • 3kg weight
    • four groups of light:
      • 1x SBT90.2 behind 62mm TIR optic (tight spot, 560kcd)
      • 4x SBT90.2 behind 30mm TIR optics (medium spot, 500kcd)
      • 8x XHP50.2 in 20mm reflectors (medium width, 160kcd)
      • 8x XHP70.2 without optics (wide flood)

    • 3x buck regulator to drive SBT90.2 at 38A and 4x 33A
    • 4x boost regulator to drive each 4x XHP50/70 at up to 12A
    • 150Wh battery
      • 8x 21700 INR21700-40T
      • 4x 18650 US18650VTC5A

    • 12 lighted buttons for direct access
      • Spot tight more/less
      • Spot wide more/less
      • Mid more/less
      • Flood more/less
      • ALL_ON
      • Tactical Flash Mode
      • Momentary spot tight full, all other off
      • Momentary spot tight and spot wide full, all other off

    • OLED display for extended info/status
    • 2x RGB LED for battery status
    • 36W charging circuitry built in, accepting 5V....12V
    • USB-C or magnetic tabs for charging
    • integrated battery monitoring and balancing circuitry
    • vibration motor for important hints like low-bat warning etc.
    • multiple temperature sensors (and certainly power foldback upon overheating)
    • heatpipes to spread heat from head to body

    Will add some beamshots later....View on the front, protective window still missing (will be delivered mid April)

    Here the ALL_ON button was pressed, adjusting all channels to ~75% power

    Bringup stage of development process:

    Heat of DC/DC converters is conducted through PCB to backside of PCB

    many, many threaded holes had to be made....combination of aluminium and copper to keep weight manageable

    Short video showing ALL_ON in action:
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    David (10000LUX at 18x55mm size):
    Or something slightly bigger: Mr.Beambastic ... 500W LED power

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    Default Re: 1.5kW handheld LED Power, >100k Lumen, >1Mcd,

    All I can say is WOW!

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