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Thread: Malkoff MDC with M361 219B, Nitecore TM15, Malkoff MD1 with TorchLab v5

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    Default Malkoff MDC with M361 219B, Nitecore TM15, Malkoff MD1 with TorchLab v5

    Doing some spring cleaning and decided to post these items I dont use.

    PayPal G&S only, no trades please. I ship within the USA via USPS priority with tracking.

    No batteries included. These are cross posted.

    1) Malkoff MDC body (1x123) with a VME head
    and Illumination Supply M361 Nichia 219B V2 light engine (3.4V to 6V input).

    This one has been carried a few times, no scratches, or dents. Very little actual use. Beautiful tint, I believe the LED specs are very similar to the V3 drop-in: 4000K, 95 CRI, with three modes: 10 lumen / 70 lumen / 330 lumen

    $135 to your door (sold to Renthall)

    2) Nitecore TM15 Neutral White

    This guy is basically brand new as well. Its been taken out of the box to test, but its just sat in my flashlight drawer for years. Ive got a TM26 that I use all the time, so this one never gets any love. XM-L U2 emitters, not sure what the color temperature is, but its definitely on the warmer side compared to my TM26.

    $140 > $120 to your door

    3) Malkoff MD1 modification with an Oveready DPC clicky tailcap, custom heatsink and retaining ring, and TorchLAB v5 Triple P60 drop in.

    The body was cut down from a larger Malkoff tube and re-threaded by Martin White on CPF. He also made the custom ring and heat sink shroud for the v5 drop in. These parts have only been assembled by me and power tested, but never used or carried.

    Notes: The drop in specs are XP-L Hi 4200K primaries with a Red (640nm) secondary. Drop in is rated for 32W and 3500 lumen. This thing is a little bit chunkier than an Oveready B.O.S.S. and functions just like one too, optical programming and all.

    With the Malkoff head and custom heat sink, I've been able to run this exact setup on the highest levels for quite a bit longer than a B.O.S.S. flashlight at similar settings before thermal regulation kicks in, just because of the additional aluminum mass. Plus, if you've already got other Malkoff bodies, the drop in can be used with them as well.

    This body will accept 18350 batteries. You will need a high current drain IMR battery to run the v5 drop in at higher brightness levels. I have been using the Keeppower IMR18350 1200mAh High Discharge Flat Top with this exact engine with good success.

    $400 >$370 > withdrawn

    Malkoff MDC with VME

    Nitecore TM15

    Malkoff MD1 with TorchLAB v5 drop in

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    Default Re: Malkoff MDC with M361 219B and Nitecore TM15

    Ill take #1

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    Default Re: Malkoff MDC with M361 219B and Nitecore TM15

    @Renthall, sent you a PM, thanks!

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