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Thread: Suggestions for UV flashlight?

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    Default Suggestions for UV flashlight?

    I'm looking for a more powerful UV flashlight. I currently have an Inova X5 UV that I use when I hike at night (scorpions, lichens, fungi, millipedes, etc. including minerals though there aren't a lot of those that fluoresce around here) , and in my yard (geometrid caterpillars or whatever else happens to fluoresce). Since I haven't been able to do this with other people, I'm having to hold it myself when attempting photos. When I'm out with others, someone else can add their light and/or hold mine. I also use it when tidepooling ends after dark. This light also shows the red fluorescence in some leaves, but I have to hold it really close.

    I had to bring some things inside to take photos, since I needed to do longer exposures with that light. That's not always possible.

    I'm looking for ideally: more power, 365nm, with filter, waterproof (to ~3'); and depending on the power, it would be nice to have a couple steps (the Inova has low and high, but low is usually too low), and focusable would be good. The last two things I could probably live without, but since I've dropped my Fenix TK25 Red a couple times while tidepooling, something that could withstand that is good. (I'm not sure whether "water resistant" would be ok in that situation)

    I can't seem to find a flashlight that has all those features, and some lights I've seen recommended (without all those) aren't sold any longer.


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    I'd recommend finding a suitable P60 in UV, perhaps even making it yourself and using some sort of P60 host like a Seraph from Lumens Factory or maybe an old Surefire.

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    Check out the Wurkkos WK30. $40 on amazon, $30 on the Wurkkos site.

    Some good videos on YouTube showing the uv capability.

    The ones in the reviews all have 396nm UV, but the latest version has a 365nm which is better for things like money and passports.

    I have 2 other UV lights and neither can "see" the Eagle on my passport card, but the 365nm lights it up with no problems.

    The light comes with a 26650/5000ma battery and as a side benefit also has nuteral white 90 cri white (1200L) and red (200L) LEDs.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for UV flashlight?

    UV Beast V3. With filter, unfiltered lights are almost useless. 1800 uW/cm2
    I need rare or old Olights. If you need an Olight manual check out my manuals page at

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