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Thread: My Olight Open 2 Saga

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    Cool My Olight Open 2 Saga

    I'm a big Olight fan and collector. So a while back when they came out with the Open 2, I had to have one. I even bought two, one to keep and one to carry. What could be a better pen?

    And then the blue Open 2 comes out. My favorite color is blue, everything I own is blue. So the black Open 2 is retired, now I'm carrying a cool blue pen, what could beat that?

    How about a solid copper one Olight asks, the Open 2 Cu? Ah, crap, I have to carry a copper one, the blue goes into retirement. At last, my EDC pen.

    Then Olight says here is you Titanium Open 2 with your name engraved on it! None for sale, only gifts. Well, that sort of nails it down, Ti.

    And now Olight asks how about the Open 2 Zr, made from Zirconium. And we'll engrave your name if you'd like.

    My only question, what next? Brass would be a step backwards. Depleted uranium? Tungsten?
    I need rare or old Olights. If you need an Olight manual check out my manuals page at

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    Default Re: My Olight Open 2 Saga

    You can get the Titanium Open 2 on the bay.

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    Do you buy a new I Phone every time a new one comes out?

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