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Thread: New guy. Into customs?

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    Default New guy. Into customs?

    Hey guys I'm new here. I'm a knife maker from northern michigan and I think I like the custom end of flashlights. Or maybe semi custom. I like the boss 35 and almost bought a mechtorch 2. I didn't pull the trigger because I only have olight and fenix experience. I'm kind of a Luman junky though. Any advice on learning and what to read or watch to get up to speed on these lights? Maybe a good first custom light? I like mostly lights w 700+ lumens. Just bought a lumentop fw3a(hasn't shipped yet) and a few others. Thanks

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    Welcome! I have moved your post to a general discussion area since you had some specific questions.

    Do you have a budget, or preference for a battery size or user interface? These sorts of things can help with more targeted suggestions.

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    My favorite maker is in your budget and also in Michigan. Check out Sigma Customs
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