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Thread: Hiya from Texas.

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    Default Hiya from Texas.

    I had no idea custom/diy flashlights were a thing. Let alone communities dedicated to it. I can't remember exactly what I was doing/searching for when finding this forum (reviews on led worklights I think?) but I'm glad I did. Few things get make me this happy these days...and a ridiculously powerful/awesome flashlight is one lol. I've been a fan of coast for a while and have some surefires laying around somewhere. But I'm stoked to build something awesome soon. And tinker, mod, etc.

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    Default Re: Hiya from Texas.

    Welcome! Wondering how old your Surefires are. You might want to bring one up to date.

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    Default Re: Hiya from Texas.

    Hello and welcome!

    Break out them old Surefires! they can probably be upgraded to something a lot more impressive than they are now....or they may be worth a few bucks!

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