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    Hey guys. Just got my new BOSS 35 (219b) today. Love this thing! One issue thatís got me stumped though. Itís like thereís a delay when I click before it wakes up. This is causing my double press from off not to fire every third or fourth time. If I turn off double click and try to fire to mode 5 I have to push it 6 times or pause my first click. Standby and motion are turned off. Anything else I can try?


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    The turn on delay is normal. Iím not a fan of it either but I donít think it can be turned off. It was described in a previous thread as the light engine doing a quick calculation of stuff like battery voltage and whatnot on initial turn on.

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    Got it. Not sure if thatís a deal breaker or not. Might just take some getting used to.

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