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Thread: Repair or warranty algorytm

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    Default Repair or warranty algorytm

    Ok ladies and gents sad to write it but I think that something is wrong with my Haiku AA.

    There are rules for making an order but what should one do if anything happens with the light? PM or e-mail?


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    Default Re: Repair or warranty algorytm

    PM or email Don (not sure his preference but I'd email).
    I have confidence that Don will sort you out pretty quickly.

    Perhaps (if it's ok with yourself and Don) the forum might even be able to guide you through the issue. That is assuming it can be fixed that way?

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    Default Re: Repair or warranty algorytm

    For orders, he prefers eMail, so I would guess that would be the case for this also ?

    As always, common troubleshooting steps usually start with checks of the battery and contact / continuity issues ....
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    Default Re: Repair or warranty algorytm

    e-mail is how to contact me. dmcleish(at)
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