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Thread: No more UPS tracking details

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    Default No more UPS tracking details

    I haven't tracked anything on UPS for a while. But I just noticed they no longer give all the details. Like all the cities it passed through, when it arrived, when it left, etc.

    Now it just says Label Printed, Shipped, On The Way, Delivered.

    Weak. But in the end it doesn't really matter.

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    Default Re: No more UPS tracking details

    I just noticed this, also !

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    Default Re: No more UPS tracking details

    But next-day shipments are still overkill, where they let you view the truck on a map. For when you're really, really excited to get that delivery.

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    Default Re: No more UPS tracking details

    There's a site called 17track. New to me. It gives the details.

    2021-05-05 02:33 Commerce City, CO, United States, Departed from Facility

    So Colorado to Indiana with an expected delivery today? I doubt the seller used next-day. So now I know not to get my hopes up?

    That's what I was looking for!

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    Default Re: No more UPS tracking details

    I use

    The expected delivery date is usually pretty accurate for UPS, give or take a day. If it is being delivered today, it should say it's out for delivery.

    Like they say, the waiting is the hardest part.

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    Default Re: No more UPS tracking details

    Label Created
    On the Way

    Those are the only status displayed anymore. So hopefully this one is out for delivery. Timing would be perfect.

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    Default Re: No more UPS tracking details

    Use the site I linked, it will give you the details.

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    Default Re: No more UPS tracking details

    I tried that too which has the same info. Actually even more inaccurate delivery estimate (yesterday, when it shipped). Still not sure it will arrive today. 75 minutes to go!

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    Default Re: No more UPS tracking details

    That's strange, the site I linked is working for me.

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    Default Re: No more UPS tracking details

    Depending on the source of the parcel, I get the emails from UPS to "Follow your driver!" I think it's overkill, but keeping track of the progress along the way used to be fun once in a while. They're still a lot better than my regional postal service, which has spiralled so far down in the last few months.
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    Default Re: No more UPS tracking details

    It really depends on how it was sent. Or at least it used to. I haven't used UPS much lately. Whenever I picked "free" shipping it would travel the economy route and I'd see "left CA, on the way, out for delivery". If I kicked out an extra buck or two for faster delivery I could see location progress. But that just led to me wondering why did it take 3 days to get across Rhode Island so unless I see "shipment delayed" I just count on it arriving the day they said it would.

    The pony express? Sheesh that sure has been a crap shoot since last fall. Sometimes I see an incoming sit in one place for 3 weeks while an outgoing gets delivered a day early. And watching some of the routes they take?

    Anyway so the other day I got an email from ups saying my tracking subscription is about to expire. Tracking subscription? Did I even sign up for that?
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    Default Re: No more UPS tracking details

    Delivery "by 7:00PM" came and went. Now it says today. That's unfortunate. UPS was ALWAYS spot on. Never a deviation. On a few occasions it arrived early but you could tell by the details.

    Maybe this was an exception. I'll watch the next time I get UPS (but usually always USPS and Amazon these days)

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    Default Re: No more UPS tracking details


    Over the winter, I had a USPS package that showed Delivered. I looked around & couldn't find it anywhere.
    Looking at my Tracking, it said Delivered to somewhere in Nebraska,,, that's a few states away!!

    So I called my Postmaster locally, he kinda said it wasn't his problem, I proceeded to explain it was his problem.
    The postmaster got involved= Turns out, the driver put in the wrong zip code at delivery & delivered it to the wrong house about 3/4mi from me.

    I find having a full Tracking useful, so I know what's going on and not being blind to it, instead of just Delivered (because Delivered just may not be to you)

    That said, UPS is usually the best.
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    Default Re: No more UPS tracking details

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Tracking History". It shows every detail about the package, it shows the date, time, if it departed/arrived at a location and the city name, state and zip code.

    It still does for me at least.
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