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Thread: Xtar MC4 constantly overcharges!

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    Default Xtar MC4 constantly overcharges!

    I have bought an Xtar MC4 in 2020. I use it for charging unprotected 18650s. End voltage for my cells are mostly around 4.22-4.25V. The charging led remains red sometimes even around 4.27V, then i terminate charging manually. I have tested many old/new 18650 cells, various 5Vdc adapters and different charging slots. I suspected it is fake. As you can see in the images, the branding style is different from packaging. But the build quality is too good to be fake. I have also MC1, it charges exactly to 4.19-4.20V. Do you have any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Xtar MC4 constantly overcharges!


    Branding & graphics on the unit are different to the graphics on the box and all online pictures.
    Quite possibly a fake.

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    Default Re: Xtar MC4 constantly overcharges!

    Looks a bit high. Genuine or not I would not continue to use it. Cell life can be extended a fair bit by terminating lower,
    say 4.10v with slightly lower capacity per charge.

    A have a cheap 2-bay charger which also terminates a bit high. Opening the charger I found no control circuits;
    all of it being in the wall-plug adapter which specified 4.2v but obviously with some tolerance.


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    Default Re: Xtar MC4 constantly overcharges!

    Construction and labeling is off, going with fake or illegitimately repurposed first runs that had an issue with overcharging with a weak power supply or long cable.

    Source a legitimate charger from a reputable dealer.

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