I have an ExtremeBeam M4 that I've had for several years. It hasn't been used much and certainly hasn't been abused. It has mainly ridden on my pistol pouch on a snap hook. Yesterday, I tried to turn it on and clicked the power button and it came on, but as soon as I released the button, it turned off. this light has a 3 mode tailcap switch (high, low and strobe) and it will cycle through all three modes when clicked, but none of them will remain on when the button is released. I went to the ExtremeBeam website and apparently the company isn't owned by the same people that started it...so, it doesn't look like there's any customer support or a link to the "NEW" company. The light was only 300 lumens, but it was supposed to be very rugged...that's why I bought it. My question(s) is/are: (1) Does anyone know how to get in touch with this "NEW" ExtremeBeam company to get customer service? (2) Has anyone else had this problem with ExtremeBeam flashlights? (3) Does anyone know if there is there any way to fix this problem? If ANYONE has any insight/answers to these questions, PLEASE let me know. I have lights with MUCH higher lumens, but I hate to just trash this one if it can be fixed. Thanks in advance.