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    I was looking for help from the experts here on where to get a Bulb Replacement for my Old 7C Flashlight. I was originally going to look to see how to convert to LED, but seeing I'm having a hard time just to get it to a working condition stock is tough.

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    Moved this to Incandescent subforum for you, where you will have more visibility with this topic
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    If the bulb is the flanged PR type (like old Maglite's), than the 7 cell bulb is the PR-20 and you can still get generic PR20 vacuum bulbs off of ebay, though they are not going to be as bright as a xenon bulb. If you can find them, old xenon 6 cell Maglite PR bulbs should work if you run them with a dummy cell in place of one of the C cells, same thing for LED drop-ins that top out at 6 cells.

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    My 1st thought was maybe a Flanged Bulb type would work but if you look down into the Barrel of the Aluminum insert there is like a flange shelf but nothing to secure bulb from sliding out the way it went down. It looks like the Manufacturer (StreamLight) sold the whole piece as a whole unit, with a bulb cemented inside the Aluminum Screw in sleeve. Wish I could find a parts list or hope someone might have one. what Crazy design to have a bulb in a light!

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    . That would be of help. But The Aluminum Piece that screws into body with light looks like it is 1 Piece, I was hoping someone had a parts list.