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Thread: Issue with new Lumintop Tool AAA (only low mode)

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    Default Issue with new Lumintop Tool AAA (only low mode)

    I've got a new Lumintop Tool AAA that only works in low mode. It isn't a battery issue as I've tried multiple eneloops (and an alkaline just in case). I've emailed their 'support' email but they don't respond. Anyone else have a contact for Lumintop or do they read these forums? I'd like to get the light repaired/replaced if possible.

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    Default Re: Issue with new Lumintop Tool AAA (only low mode)

    sorry for your Tool AAA problem

    IF it has the flush electronic switch, (not the mechanical clicky with a black rubber button),
    you must keep a battery in the light for at least 30 minutes, to get the other modes to work. The eSwitch has a capacitor that needs to charge up, after that the other modes work.

    If the light still does not work, I would not waste time being ignored by email. You tried, it failed, so take control and escalate to the next option.

    I would go into paypal and open a dispute, requesting a refund.
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    Default Re: Issue with new Lumintop Tool AAA (only low mode)

    Thanks for the input. I agree, I'll have to escalate and see what else I can do.

    My version of the light has the rubber tail clicky switch with the 3 mode memory. It was a great light....when it worked.

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    Default Re: Issue with new Lumintop Tool AAA (only low mode)

    I agree they are great lights. Ive never heard of a switch failing.

    Ive had some unexpected results from using too much lubrication on the body tube threads that screw into the head. excess lube would flood onto the pill and the light would not switch modes reliably.

    IF you added lubrication at some point, I suggest removing any excess,

    by wiping out the head threads, pill, and ends of the body tube,
    I use isopropyl alcohol on a paper towel.

    If that does not fix the problem
    I would also disassemble the switch and give it an alcohol wash also.

    else I would seek a replacement, but not an exchange... I would process the refund separately, and rebuy separately.

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    Default Re: Issue with new Lumintop Tool AAA (only low mode)

    If I have problems with a light I always try to eliminate the tube and switch from consideration by applying voltage to the head only as I've had some cheap lights that the tube doesn't make good contact with the driver board itself and the switch sometimes doesn't make good contact with the tube either and they require cleaning the contact surfaces even sanding/polishing contacts at times. I have a lumintop tool AAA and find the switch a little clunky to use takes a lot of getting used to with the memory to get to the right mode for me.
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    Default Re: Issue with new Lumintop Tool AAA (only low mode)

    Great points on the potentially over lubricated threads. I cleaned them off and also used alcohol and a q-tip to clean inside by the pill and also at the base of the tail cap switch. Re-assembled and unfortunately, it's still the same. The light will switch on but it's stuck in the lowest mode. Medium and High modes are inaccessible no matter how many times I try to half press the switch. Oh well, I still have some other lights I can work in to my EDC (Mag Solitaire LEDs and some old Singfire 348s).

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