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Thread: 3 lights, 3 drivers, 3 questions

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    Default 3 lights, 3 drivers, 3 questions

    I hope some one can educate me. Iím really trying to grasp the whole emitter, driver, battery combination thing but donít quite get it yet. I want to work on these three flashlights but need some expert direction for drivers. I think I prefer a regulated type driver. Is it possible to use the same driver in each light? Thanks in advance to everyone!!

    Maglite 2C host.
    - XHP70.2 (3v? or 6v?)
    - 20mm star
    - 20mm driver (buck? or boost?)
    - 1 21700 9.8A or
    - 2 18500 3.8A each

    Convoy L2 host.
    - XHP70.2 (6v?)
    - 20mm star
    - 20mm driver (buck? or boost?)
    - Will be using 2x26650 10A cells exclusively.

    Convoy S11, XHP70.2.
    - Full light (brand new)
    - 1x26650 10A
    - Need a replacement 20mm driver.
    High/turbo with original driver only works for 1 to 2 seconds. All other levels work fine.

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    Default Re: 3 lights, 3 drivers, 3 questions

    Senna Fan,

    Welcome to the wonderful world of modding, breaking stuff, burning your fingers, and occasionally making something really, really cool.

    Are these three lights you describe all builds you have that you're currently working on, or planned builds? I would recommend doing one at a time for your own sanity.

    Since you're using XHP70.2, the data sheet from Cree comes in handy...

    The "buck" or "boost" question depends on your battery configuration. Since the XHP70.2 is available in 6v or 12v, you can run the 6V version with 2 Li-ions and a linear driver (neither boost nor buck), since the voltage the LED requires and the voltage of your battery combination are roughly the same. I've run an XHP50 and XHP50.2 6V on two 18500's at 1A and 1.5A for decent output (as always, protected cells are recommended if you run in series). However, there are boost drivers as well that can run a 6V led on a single Li-ion. Any of your configurations that have a single battery would require a boost driver as the voltage from the battery won't be enough to run the 6V XHP70.2.
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    Default Re: 3 lights, 3 drivers, 3 questions

    Thanks Sween1911

    I bookmarked Creeís website and downloaded their data sheet that includes their XHP emitters. Good stuff, no doubt! I found a few drivers that just may fit the bill. I want to know what you think. I havenít done any work yet, I just have Mag C and L2 hosts plus the S11 full light.





    Maglite 2c
    Which battery arrangement will offer better ďbrightnessĒ and runtime, 1/21700 or 2/18500ís? Or, is there a driver that can accommodate both options efficiently?

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: 3 lights, 3 drivers, 3 questions

    I found another driver and wondered if this will work with a 6v emitter with 2 cells, as well as a 3v emitter to run either 1 or 2 cells.

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