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Thread: Anyone Drive a Newish BMW 330ix?

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    Default Anyone Drive a Newish BMW 330ix?

    The cup holders appear to be under the dash. Anyone know if a large soda cup from a drive through will fit in there like a large Burger King cup or Wendy's cup? I think it is the same cupholder from 2019 on.


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    The large bucket of soda might fit but getting it out while driving can sometimes be a little iffy. If youíre not paying attention the bottom of the cup hits the shift job and boom itís all over the place lol.
    For coffees I always go with the large (Dunkiní) and I never go bigger than a medium for sodas.

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    Thanks Roger! That makes eliminates it for me. Addicted to a large diet soda every morning. I don't drink anything else was a jolt and need that caffeine. It doesn't fit in an Audi either so I guess it's a Lexus or Toyota.

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    Smile Re: Anyone Drive a Newish BMW 330ix?

    European cars, especially the small to mid-size sedans don't accommodate drinks most of us in the USA prefer. It is a culture thing as Europeans don't generally eat or drink in their cars whether a small 4-banger or a large sedan.

    Also, vehicle type makes a difference pretty often. Pickups and SUVs generally have American preferences at the top of the list. I can't say I ever tried a Big Gulp in the Porsche Mecan but, the Toyota Tundra and Four Runner will serve you well if you want to live out of them or just enjoy a Big Gulp.

    If you really want to stay with mid-size sedan, I can also recommend the Honda Accord. Mine is 2015 I4-M6 and that little 4-banger with its close ratio 6-speed manual is a hot little rocket without the bad insurance rates of a hot hatch (at least in my case). The V6-M6 Accord from the used market would be an awesome option for you. I can't speak to the new I4 turbo "Earth engines" in the new models.

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