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Thread: Ryobi one+ P700 Flashlight upgrade advice?

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    Default Ryobi one+ P700 Flashlight upgrade advice?

    I have looked for threads about 18v drop in or other options to upgrade my Ryobi P700 18V One+ light as it is beyond dim.

    I realize that the old ni-cad batteries had issues but I recently got Fhybat for Ryobi 18v Battery replacement for 1+ P100 battery and its a NI-MH 18V and 3.0Ah so hopefully it will be better suited to a lamp upgrade.

    I would appreciate any advice or suggestions on how to replace this with a brighter option. I did find a seller on E-Bay that offered 6 bulbs that were 325 Lumen Xenon Bulbs @ 6 for 10.80

    Is this really the best option or any other advice or options?
    the reflector is metal but the lens is some type of plastic

    Thank you for your advice.


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    Default Re: Ryobi one+ P700 Flashlight upgrade advice?

    You could try googling p700 LED upgrade. I saw a few youtube vids listed but YMMV.
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