For products’ upgrade, many customers tell the price could be the deciding factor, and think minimal but useful improvements are still reasonable improvements. Such as new VC4L, FC2 chargers, they are designed to have improvements in some aspects with more budget offering, which could be the basic go-to chargers’ recommendation. While, some people think the price is not the main decisive factor, and want to see much greater advancements, even if the products are with higher prices. How about your preference?

Besides, a few people asked why manufacturers didn’t design products “perfectly” at the first time, then avoided some modification or upgrades? Actually, there may be technical limitations, cost control during specific periods, which impact the products’ overall design. For example, the USB-C specification was finalized in 2014, and 21700 cells began to see adoption in 2017. Considering what technologies are mature, it’s reasonable to design xtar VC4 with Micro USB port released in early 2015, and upgrade it into VC4L with type C input, compatible with protected 21700 batteries. Apparently, with the technology developing and better materials applying, products upgrades are inevitable.

Welcome to share your views on xtar products’ upgrade. And also thanks for your guys’ support to XTAR all the time!