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    Hello Braintrust... I have an older style Klarus XT1C and XT11 that I love.

    I am looking to upgrade to rechargeable equivalents, BUT I have two caveats...

    I do not want to have to remove the battery for charging.
    I want to maintain the tail cap only interface. The thumb button is a turn off.

    Does anyone know if there is such a model?


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    Well there is the XT11GT that has built in charging but still uses the same tail switch with the addition of a sideswitch that can be locked out. I have one myself and love it. The XT1C however does not have an equivalent upgrade. As I'm sure you are aware, the 2018 version just ups the output on a Li-Ion cell and gives you a 16340 with USB recharging port on the cell. Maybe take a look at the E2, which does have built in charging via a usb port which I believe is USB-C but cannot confirm it even with the companies own documentation. In some of their web photos however it looks like USB-C, but others look like micro-usb. It also uses the proprietary 18650 cell with both electrodes on the top.

    Edit: I just tried using Parametrek's site and only an older Nitecore model even showed up with built-in charging and a tail switch on any 1xCR123A/16340 cell lights. The MH1C is huge compared to the Klarus XT1C and all of the other lights were side switch types.

    Edit: Found elsewhere that it IS in fact a micro-usb port.

    Edit: According to Liquidretro a normal button top 18650 will power the E2 but cannot be recharged while in the light.
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    Yea, the XT11GT looks as close as I can get.

    Seems like they added the side switch to the newer models.

    I think the XT2CR is gonna be as close as I can get to my old Xt1C unless I want to deal with popping the battery out to charge.


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