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Thread: Custom Aluminium Spare Cell Keyring Carriers

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    Default Custom Aluminium Spare Cell Keyring Carriers

    Hi everyone,

    I often carry small EDC lights on my keyring (AAA, AA, 10180, 16340, 18350 etc etc).

    I have always wanted to also be able to carry a spare compatible cell on my keyring too but spare cell carriers are very rare it seems.

    Curretnly, I have managed to find some small aluminium keyring pill holders which allow me to carry 2 x 10180 cells in but the pill holder really is too big for this size cell but too small for anything else.

    Do you think there would be a market for quality aluminium keyring spare cell carriers for the common cell sizes that provide a good fit to stop rattling – maybe have a little foam insert on the inside at both ends? If there was enough interest maybe someone like Sofirn might go with the idea.

    I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts on this.
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    Default Re: Custom Aluminium Spare Cell Keyring Carriers

    Do check out Countycomm's website. Search there for "Capsules". They have quite an assortment, including Delrin Battery Lockers in 5 standard sizes from AAA to 21700, and also some general purpose capsules in various metals. I personally do not carry spare cells on my keyring; I carry them in a small plastic box in my brief case.
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    Default Re: Custom Aluminium Spare Cell Keyring Carriers

    Yes, they also make the smaller "Pico Pulls" too.

    My preference is for non-conductive materials (like plastic, delrin, etc) for battery carriers.
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    Default Re: Custom Aluminium Spare Cell Keyring Carriers

    Although I also think non-conductive is better, for 18650 you could re-use the thin aluminum case of a single-cell (round) USB pack, after removing the electronics. This type of pack is servicable though by replacing the cell and/or electronic board.

    One I'm looking at now is anodized outside, painted inside, both end caps unscrew easily. You'd need a foam plug or something to take up the extra length. Seems a bit large to carry on a keychain though.


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