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Thread: D-Day remembrance

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    Default D-Day remembrance

    Just a reminder that today is D-Day. Let's take some time to remember and think about those who were involved in the invasion that day in history.

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    Default Re: D-Day remembrance

    Greatest generation...
    The TK20. Yes, it still rocks- WoodsWalker

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    Words fail ......

    Sometimes I wonder if I've purchased my last flashlight.

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    Greatest Generation indeed. I can't imagine what they went through on our behalf. RIP heroes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scout24 View Post
    Greatest generation...
    I usually watch Band of Brothers on D-Day but did not this year. I did cook some burgers on charcoal in celebration of their brave deeds.

    Those soldiers back in Washington's day were pretty bad @$$ too.
    John 3:16

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    Recommended reading for a paratrooper's account of D-day and beyond: "Currahee!" by Donald Burgett, of the 101st Airborne.

    Probably the most intimate and direct account of the various books I've read of soldiers and airmen in WW2. Reading it is like listening to your grandfather tell you his life tales by the campfire. No bs, just an honest story.

    There are several follow-on books that he writes that cover Market Garden and Bastogne. In the later book you can kind of tell that his mental state is starting to go downhill (Bastogne was his THIRD major engagement).

    It's a wonder any of them stayed sane through all that. They were hard men in both body and mind.

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