There is a water shortage in the southwestern United States. Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the U.S. is expected to reach a record low water level today. Power production from hydroelectric is down 25% and may have to be shut off completely at some point (latest estimates say August) at Lake Mead. California is trucking small salmon from hatcheries to the ocean because the water is too warm in the streams and rivers for them to survive. Lake Oroville is having houseboats removed from the water and stored on land in a parking lot (at the owner's expense) to prevent damage from the boats bottoming out in the lake. There is a dam removal project along the Klamath River planned (the largest in U.S. history) to protect the salmon at the expense of a major water supply for California and Oregon as well as power from hydroelectric. I've already heard of some areas having a three strikes policy for water wasting where they will shut your water off for the year. By all appearances, we are looking at the possibility of a major water shortage, a food shortage (plants and animals need water too), a horrible wildfire season, and rolling blackouts (little to no hydroelectric power). Might be time to pray for rain.

Does anyone have plans for riding these problems out, other than moving? Seems we need to have a decent supply of water on hand and preferably a well also. We need a bugout vehicle stocked with water, food, and supplies in case of a fire evacuation. Have plenty of lights and batteries to ride out rolling blackouts. This is the type of event that could cause a mass migration of desperate people if the water and electricity stop flowing. Worst case scenario, you might have to have security shifts on your property to watch out for people trying to take what you have, or bug out and abandon your home.

We can discuss our plans for this situation, current conditions in our area now, news updates, and what is being done about it. I know scary things happen when the SHTF, but please no discussions about hurting trespassers, looting to survive, or anything your pastor wouldn't want to hear coming out of your mouth. Let's keep this in the realm of likely possibilities, not freak out over nightmarish worst case scenarios.