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Thread: Hello from Boston, MA

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    Smile Hello from Boston, MA

    Hello Everyone,
    I am a new member and looking to learn more and hopefully get some great advice from the fine members here. I have looked and read posts in the past, but now I have decided to join and start posting in your very interesting forums. Thank you.

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    Welcome Chess.

    Years ago, I was in upstate NY at Hunter Mountain with a friend, and on our way home to NJ there was a sign... Boston --> we looked at each other and decided... yeah, Let's GO!

    This was before there was such a thing as Credit Cards, or at least we didn't have them. Boston was a LOT farther than we expected, and by time we got there, we only had enough money to fill the tank and get back home. We drove into town, looped a monument, and headed back to NJ. Honestly I don't recall if we stopped for a beer. I think we did.

    At any rate there is a bunch of good people here.
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    Default Re: Hello from Boston, MA

    Welcome Chess! A few number of us in the area.

    Looking forwards to seeing where you end up!
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    Default Re: Hello from Boston, MA

    Hi Chess! Welcome aboard!

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