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Thread: Acebeam L35 Lattice Power or Cree? Or something else?

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    Default Acebeam L35 Lattice Power or Cree? Or something else?

    I need to spot black newborn calves at night in addition to the cows at ranges up to 200 yards. I also need to 'spotlight' feral hogs and predators at similar ranges.

    The Acebeam L35 looks like a good option with its head profile and emitters. I also have a strong preference for the 21700 battery. The Cree version seems to have all the attention on forums and YouTube and it appears to have a good distribution of the Candela/Lux across the whole beam width which is great for situation awareness.

    The Lattice emitter has less overall "Lumen" but, more Candela so, I'm wondering if it is better, worse, or similar for my use. I suspect the emitter itself may be smaller because it has a little more beam distance but, the extra Candela should be better for Lux density across the beam width. A smaller emitter though would provide a narrower beam width which would probably tip things back to the other emitter.

    All that being said, I have mixed feelings with the look of the knurling and body so, I'm not hard set on this specific flashlight. If there is something "better" with a head size that that doesn't get too far from ~2" in diameter, I'm receptive to other suggestions. I could do a double battery light as well as I'm not particular about the battery compartment length as long as it stays in the 'Maglite C-cell" form factor (diameter and general length).


    p.s. I'm not looking for a "LIGHT SABER" to blind low Earth orbit surveillance satellites or light up road reflectors at one mile or more. I need something more practical for a holster or hand carry.

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    Default Re: Acebeam L35 Lattice Power or Cree? Or something else?

    I have the L35 with CREE, which I like. However, if your distances are out to 200 yards, I might suggest something with a more focused hotspot. Although it sounds like the Lattice LED might give you better range I have no experience with it. I will say that the large head feels a little weird to me. I also have the x10, and think it feels weird too. The L18 offers more throw with a similar style (L19 even more so), but I have neither (I'm more of a floody guy).

    My CREE L35 has a WIDE hotspot and LOTS of spill down to my feet if I aim it forward. Again, I don't know if it is the same with the Lattice option.

    I have some of the newer Nitecore flashlights, but still haven't picked up the MH25S (21700). This might be another option for you. It's been on my "to get" list for quite some time, but I've been preoccupied with floody and wide hot spot 18650 flashlights of late, and the MH25S doesn't fit in there. It's Turbo is rated at 1,800 lumen and 63,600 cd, and High is 1,050 lumens and 33,000 cd. I usually pay more attention to the high than turbo on any brand, as the turbo feature usually is only for temporary use. It has a 40mm head instead of the 60mm of the Acebeam's above. I have an older MH25 that has a really tight hotspot and the 40mm head size doesn't feel as strange or stick off of my belt as much as the 60mm Acebeams.

    I was thinking of the MH25S and the Acebeam L16 when I was thinking of longer distance medium sized lights. The Acebeam L16 is discontinued, but it's lumen and candela specs are a little more than the MH25S. However, since the L16 uses an 18650, I would assume that the Turbo and high lumens drops quickly with time.
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    Default Re: Acebeam L35 Lattice Power or Cree? Or something else?

    Thanks Scotty! That is really helpful.

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