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Thread: [Review] Acebeam E70 (Peculiar Design, 1x21700, XHP70.2 Neutral, Flood)

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    Default [Review] Acebeam E70 (Peculiar Design, 1x21700, XHP70.2 Neutral, Flood)

    I received the AceBeam E70 for review purposes from AceBeam

    The E70 is a flashlight powered by a 21700 battery. It features a XHP70.2 LED, available in a cool white and neutral white tint. The E70 is controlled by an electronic switch at the tailcap.
    The E70 is available in several materials: anodized aluminum, stainless steel, titaniumÖ I got the aluminum anodized version.

    The box that opens like a book and has a view for showing the E70. Inside the light is protected via a precut foam.

    Inside the box: E70 with lanyard and clip already mounted, 21700 5000mAh battery (optional), manual, spare o-rings, warranty card, pochette.

    The E70 measures 128.3mm in length, and is 30mm wide at the head, and 27 mm at the body. The weight is 102 grams without the battery.

    Letís jump to the elephant in the room: the peculiar body construction. Inside the body, which has a spiral milling, thereís a blue anodized tube with

    On my sample I could only remove the head from the body, exposing a double nested tube construction, necessary for carrying the signal to the electronic switch.

    The threads are square cut and anodized, so physical lockout is possible.

    Golden spring at positive and negative contact point.

    The clip is suited for deep carry and is securely attached to the body due to 2 springs.

    The neutral white XHP 70.2 emitter in a OP reflector. The bezel has a very aggressive milling.


    Output and runtime
    Measured with an IMR 21700 with 4200mAh capacity.


    Thermal Test
    Here is the initial 60 seconds of the test, not sped up.
    And here is the full video.

    My thoughts
    The light is well built and finished.
    The UI allows to easily avoid accidental activation of the light, and grants access to lowest (click, click and keep pressed), last used mode (double click) and turbo mode (double double click).

    The beam has a nice neutral white tint, enjoyable especially in the outdoors, with a wide beam suitable for medium to close distances.

    Iíve been in the flashlight world for more than a decade; nowadays rarely a flashlight impresses me for its design. The E70 is one of the few lights to do so in recent memory. The blue anodized tube, with milled rings, is a great aesthetic touch, contrasting well with the spiral milling of the black body.
    Even the circular millings at the junction between body and head, and on the head, give the E70 a very distinguishable and unique look.

    I wish the light came with a sheath.

    Here's the link for purchasing the E70 on Acebeam official website
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    Default Re: [Review] Acebeam E70 (Peculiar Design, 1x21700, XHP70.2 Neutral, Flood)

    Very good review. I wish it had a dual tale switch as Iíve found thatís what works for me at work. Glad flashlight companies are starting to off more options than aluminum and copper for their larger lights.

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