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Thread: Windows Media Player virus or trojan?

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    Default Windows Media Player virus or trojan?

    My sister in LA says that her computer has "lost" Windows Media Player.
    It's still listed under Programs but the icon has changed from the default and when she clicks it all she gets is an hourglass that eventually goes away.

    I instructed her in removing and reinstalling it from the Windows setup routine but that didn't change anything.

    Sounds like a virus or trojan of some kind but I did a quick search and couldn't find anything.

    I had her run NAV2002 (all she has... [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/banghead.gif[/img]) and AdAware but they reported nothing.

    Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

    WMP9 on WinXP.

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    Default Re: Windows Media Player virus or trojan?

    She might have to re-download it from Microsoft's site and install it again. It almost sounds like the install files she has on her drive are corrupted, so a fresh download/install might help.

    Also, she can scan online for free at
    From there, click "scan now, its free". Its going to ask to install the front end... you should accept it. From there, select "my computer" and press scan.

    NOTE: I do not work for Trend Micro, I just know where to get a good online virus scanner.

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