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    Some of you may remeber the trobule I had with my car that I posted about previously. Well, it just doesn't get any better. I'd like your opinions on the following situation:

    I recently made a deal with a local dealer (who I bought my previous car from) to purchase a 2001 Malibu for a pretty good price. The negotiated price was significantly less than the retail, but assuming he paid wholesale, he would be able to clear over 10%. We made the deal (I said I'd take it) and he told me how much deposit he would need. The next morning, my dad went over with my check (I'm out of town) and he said he's made a mistake and that HE paid $150 over what we negotiated as MY buying price. He said he would honor our deal but it is obvious that he really wants out.

    Here are some additional facts:

    He says that he bought it at a wholesale auction. This would mean that other dealers were willing to bid a car up to almost 20% above the wholesale book value. Also, I did a search on autotrader and found an identical year, make, model, car with the same options and even a few thousand less miles and the asking price at the dealer (not individual) is what this guy wants me to believe he paid at a wholesale auction.

    Also, he mentioned that someone else had been looking at the car but they had to see what the bank would do for them.

    I can only assume one of two things: either he is very bad at buying cars or the other person got the financing and was willing to pay more. This man claims to be very religious and I don't want to judge anyone's morals but I wouldn't expect him to be dishonest with me. If I was the dealer, and I legitimately made a deal for less than what I paid, I wouldn't even mention it...I would stick to the deal. I'm not going to hold him to the deal and I don't want to see him lose money but I can't help but feel I'm being taken advantage of. How would you guys handle the situation?


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    if it is a private owner.or a privete person not a company i doubt ya can do guess the wholesale on thar car would be around 3400. depedong on milage and condition

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    RH, walk away with your $150 and don't deal with him again. He apparently is not concerned with keeping your business so you shouldn't be concerned with giving it.

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    I think your advice is sound. My money would be best spent elsewhere. Any other opinions?

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    Buy a used Honda Accord. 3500 will get you a nice one with around 100,000 mi which is just getting broke in if it was taken care of. virtually never buy a use car from a dealer -- always when possibl, buy one from a private party who will agree to have your mechanic look it over for $50 bucks or so (money well spent!). Check the aircleaner and oil and make sure both are clean. engine should be clean, and tires not worn funny. Ask the person on the phone before you go how long they have owned the car. I'm selling it for a frien, I bought the car at auction etc are all bad answers -- that's not the droid your looking for! PM me if you want specific reasons for what I've written and good luck!

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