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Thread: familiar?????

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    Default familiar?????

    Has any one heard of or have any experience with Midnight Lite?
    web page

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    No, but -

    ML-2090 compact ....... 3 lithium batteries [doesn't say if they're 123's] ..... continious run time approx. 35 minutes

    Length 6.0 inches
    Weight 16 oz.
    Voltage 9
    Wattage 18
    Lumens 531

    HUH ?

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    I don't get it at all.... I have a peice of literature on these lights, but they are as confusing. I think that they also come with a remote battery pack for longer burn time (time not specified) They claim a range of 81 Lumens to 615 Lumens.
    3.6 volt rech
    4.8 volt recharge
    6volt recharge
    9volt Lithium

    I think the retail is around 130.00, but I am not sure what you get for that??????

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