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    Hello, is the GT ZASKAR EXPERT Good for racing cross country at Pro Level? How is the Cornering of the bike? Is it Light in weight? How did you set up your bike?

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    I think this should go in the general "gear" forum, where it will get more focused traffic. A mod should be able to move it. I only read this because I recognize the GT model name.

    Bike prices have really come down, or the parts mix is worse than I think it is. My 1999 Ricochet listed around $1000, with full LX drivetrain, Avid brakes, a basic RockShox fork, and random stuff elsewhere. I replaced quite a bit of the parts (saddle, seatpost, stem, pedals, and front wheel) before I was happy, though I want a new rear wheel and fork, plus handlebars/bar ends. The Zaskar has basically the same level of major parts as mine (updated), with nicer random parts.

    The Zaskar frame is GT's flagship hardtail Al frame, so its weight and geometry are probably pretty good. However, the parts selection leaves something to be desired. I'm not familiar with the support parts, but the drivetrain (where manufacturers typically upgrade because it's obvious) and fork are more "entry-level" than "race-ready".

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