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Thread: The Best download you will EVER do -> Memorial Day

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    Default The Best download you will EVER do -> Memorial Day

    Please help me remember The Fallen and view this SPECTACULAR video. You will certainly be touched - if you are not, please kindly check your pulse!

    Please copy this URL and share with your friends and family. I encourage you to remember and to remind those around you that FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE!

    From The Sproles Family to those of you who serve, who have served and those of your family who serve - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SACRIFICE. And to those who have paid the ultimate price - we thank you for the life that we have through your death!

    Resepctfully and humbled-
    The Sproles Family!

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    Default Re: The Best download you will EVER do -> Memorial

    Thanks! It is indeed a well put together video and one important not only for Memorial Day weekend, but one that should resonate daily.

    Retired "mustang" naval officer
    Civilian at B-1B bomber base
    Oldest son a navy corpsman with the marine scout snipers

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