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Thread: Enter Zreiss and Associates customer service experiences here...

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    Default Enter Zreiss and Associates customer service experiences here...

    I just got off the phone with them and it seems to me that they are too busy to even bother with anything else but your payment information.

    This is how the conversation went
    ME: Hi, im calling to give you guys my CC number, regarding the order I placed recently.
    Zreiss Rep: Ok, what did you need?
    Me: I need to gve you my CC # for an online order
    Zreiss Rep: Name, CC #, and Expiration date
    Me: Peter, XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX, 1-04, order number XXXXXX
    Zreiss Rep: So, your CC # is XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX?
    Me: Yes
    Zreiss Rep: Thank you ( and was about to hang up before I stopped her )
    Me: So whats the total with Shipping????
    Zreiss: Ummm, Ughhh, let me call you back on that.

    Am I being too picky here? or has anyone else experienced poor customer service, seems like they have the give us your money, and so long attitude.

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    Default Re: Enter Zreiss and Associates customer service experiences here...

    the first rule of phone dealings (according to me ... ) is to ask the name of the person you're talking to.
    It works wonders if you're anticipating problems, and tends to avoid problems happening too !

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    Default Re: Enter Zreiss and Associates customer service experiences here...

    Wow if they gave me service like that and couldn't even bother to give me the total right there I would probably have just cancelled my order. I don't think you're being picky at all.

    -The local LiteFreek

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    Default Re: Enter Zreiss and Associates customer service experiences here...

    I have made two orders from them recently for Sanyo lithiums, both times the orders went through without a hitch. Just received the second one today, made the order via their website on Dec 30, so it got here in good time considering the holiday. The batteries were in their retail packaging with twelve packs in original cardboard carton. Batteries are new stock, and the whole thing was packed VERY well in foam peanuts and a heavy box. I won't hesitate to order from them again when my Surefire's run through this batch of lithiums.
    I know some websites are terrible, but theirs seems to be pretty simple, though it does not calculate postage. It does tell you there is a $7.95 minimum for UPS ground and that is what they charged me to ship 12 batteries. Including postage in the cost, each CR123 cost me $2.25, which I can live with. I checked first and these came out to be cheaper.

    And I don't work for Z Reiss, just a happy customer. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Enter Zreiss and Associates customer service experiences here...

    I also ordered from Zreiss and before I ordered my brother asked me how they were packed so I sent them an email asking and no response.....tried again same results. But me and a few other people were looking for 123's and were going to order 6 doz. which works out to $1.61 each or $19.32 a doz.(a price I couldn't find anywhere else) And with the local Wallyworld charging $11 for a 2 pack I figured I would give Zreiss a try after all I would be getting a dozen Sanyo 123's for about the cost of 3.5 batteries in the store. Well I ordered online and had my delivery the next day packed just like mrorange's order. The expiration dates on the packs say use by 2011 with no month noted, so these are fresh batteries with the full 10 year life and not some leftovers someone is unloading. They may not be people oriented and lack social skills but they do deliver on the goods and since I plan on ordering in bulk(meaning I won't be ordering all the time from them) I will continue to use them until I have a problem.

    Hope I didn't carry on to long but yes I think it is safe to order from them and I will continue to do so. And I don't have any affiliation with Zreiss just a happy consumer.

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