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    well as some of you know .im in charge of prices britt sent them to me thursday. well its monday and there not here. and the idiot mail lady who relives the real mail man was on duty all week. ive spook to many neiibers she always screws stuff up .she has screwed my mail up before..i spoke to the real mail man today and right away he new who i was talking to.and even before i explaned my problem he says he knows about her and he wil ask her tonight.if she knows what she did with it. package is comneing from texas i live in ga. man im very worried since im in charge .im trying to get all the neebers tocomplain ive heard nathan already has. im very very pissed and upset

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    What was in the package from Britt?


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    I wouldn't worry too much yet... Sometimes it takes a full week or ten days for a package, even Priority Mail to go just across a few states. I've had "Express mail" take five working days.

    Plus the entire Postal system was closed on Friday to honor President Reagan.

    So... You will probably get your package in the next couple of days.

    But if it doesn't show up or you have more problems, go to your town's main post office and ask to speak to the Postal Inspector...

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    o good i was so worried id hate to let ya all but they still need to fire that women.she is the same one who almost gave my baby pin to guy next door.they must a hired her cause they feel sorry for her

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    should i call them yet. i worry to much sometimes but i just want to be safe.tomorow will be one week .

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