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Thread: Peak Led Solutions 7-LED 1-Cell Light

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    Default Peak Led Solutions 7-LED 1-Cell Light

    I was just browsing through the PeakLedSolutions website and their lights really caught my eye. I'm kinda interested in the 7-LED 1xCR123 light. Does anyone have one of these that they can share some information on? Quality? Brightness? Throw? Runtime? etc...

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    Default Re: Peak Led Solutions 7-LED 1-Cell Light

    There are 2 versions of the 7 LED Peak McKinley: standard & hi-power. You can also get them in brass, black HA, and gold plated brass with white, red or UV LEDs. I have two of them and have found them to be great little lights. If you're interested in reading my opinions on the hi-power versions, look Here.

    Also, Quickbeam has a review of the standard McKinley Here.

    LED Museum's review is Here.

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