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Thread: DVD players: QUESTION

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    Default DVD players: QUESTION

    After surfing the web for a bit I didn't find a good answer to my question...

    I need a stand alone DVD player with a specific attribute. It MUST be able to play at 2X, 4X and hopefully as high as 6X and/or 8X without skipping frames! This is a vital thing to me, for scanning DVDs.

    I used to just use VHS, in play mode and then pressing FF. That worked great, fast enough, no skipped frames. Now that I've switched to DVD all my players skip frames when I do this.

    I've read about Sony's have a 'smooth advance' feature so something, but the models I found with that all recieved bad reviews.

    Any suggestions?

    Even computer based DVD playing software might be an option if it can FF while playing w/o skipping frames.

    ANY input would be appreciated, I REALLY need something that will fit the bill.


    oh yeah, must play DVD+R and DVD-R. I think most do, but some might be more finicky about it.

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    Default Re: DVD players: QUESTION

    WinDVD 5 (software) plays at 2x with sound, and 4x without and both are very, very smooth.
    I can't say that there are no frame drops but at least they're not noticeable.
    I'll double check the higher speeds when I get home.

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    Default Re: DVD players: QUESTION

    I dunno if its what you're looking for, but a few weeks ago on TechTV (sorry I can't remember which program, its the one with the cute Asian girl in it), there was a review on a DVD player which had a huge round dial on top, and you could sorta 'scratch' the DVD much like the way the DJs scratch vinyl records. So you can basically play the DVD forwards/backwards at a speed that is controlled by the dial.

    I'm looking on for it right now, will post an update if I can find it... Hope someone else remembers?

    Edit: Ok found it I think. Goto this link and you should see the DVJ-X1 advert on the screen, you can view a demo video of how it works. It might take a while to load if you're on dialup though... Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: DVD players: QUESTION

    If you really want smoothe DVD motion, just get one of the old Real Magic Hollywood plus cards or their new X Card, it uses no CPU for decoding, it is a dedicated decoder card, very smoothe FFing and Rwing. I just sold one on ebay for like $15, I would have given to you. I got plenty of use out of it but needed the PCI slot. Do a search on ebay, you can get one for under $20.

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