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Thread: scanner and printer resolution

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    Default scanner and printer resolution

    What is enough?

    I'm thinking of buying a multi function thingy, and I kind of like the Epsons. Question is, is the cheaper one good enough? The cost difference for the higher res is quite a bit. Here are the rough specs:

    Cheaper one (CX3100) scan @ 600 X 1200, print @ 1200 X 5700 (enhanced).
    More exxy one (nearly twice the price) scan @ 1200 X 2400, print @ 2400 X 5700.

    It's all in colour (inkjet) and they both do borderless photo printing. What are your opinions? Is it worth extra dosh to get the higher res or is the cheapy good enough? The pricey one has 4 ink tanks, the 3100 has only 2. The pricey also comes with card readers, but I think I'd rather upload pics to the PC from the camera and check them out in photoshop before printing.

    I rarely print photos, and it's even more seldom that I would want to scan them. It is, however, possible that I might want to at some stage, and I may one day want to scan a slide in or something, but I suppose I could always get that done elsewhere.

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    Default Re: scanner and printer resolution

    I posted many long and boring posts on this subject here if you would like to read them

    I would not get an all in wonder box

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    Default Re: scanner and printer resolution

    I think the cheap one may suit your needs already, since you don't really do photos, and many times even the cheap ones do a good job for photos for most people. The card reader thingie for me is kind of pointless too, I don't trust myself the ability to take good photos and print them out directly without looking at them first. Also, many times they say how you can change individual empty color cartridges, so you won't waste the colors that still have ink left as on a 2 cartridge system. I found that pointless too, as you will most likely to run out of ink on all the colors unless you are printing something with single color on it very often (like printing sunset pictures will use mostly red and yellow ink)

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