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Thread: truly waterproof metal flashlight?

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    Default truly waterproof metal flashlight?

    Anybody know of any truly waterproof (i.e. submersible) metal flashlights? I don't consider mags or brinkmanns submersible, as any extended underwater use usually leads to intense condensation. I'm looking for a flashlight for LS mods, but need the heatsinking only metal can provide.

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    Default Re: truly waterproof metal flashlight?

    Sure Fire does. Al would be the one to confirm. Ask in the General forum. I think it's the 'N' series. 6PN vs. 6P for example.

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    Default Re: truly waterproof metal flashlight?

    Thanks David, but I was hoping for something a bit more economical. If I buy a Surefire, I'd be quite hesitant to hack it into an LS mod. Maybe I'll end up w/ a minimag and glue...

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