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Thread: Need Leadlight Disassembly Help

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    Default Need Leadlight Disassembly Help

    Can someone please tell me how you people have managed to get to the driver board of your Leadlight? I have the old style with a black housing. I've managed to scratch the hell out of it by trying to shimmy out the brass top with vice grips (so now I guess I'll build it into a custom housing, which I was considering anyway), but no luck. I consider myself fairly mechanically inclined and I have a well-stocked workshop with an extensive set of tools, but this has me perplexed. Am I missing something here? Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Need Leadlight Disassembly Help

    Pry off the top with a box cutter or knife.

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    Default Re: Need Leadlight Disassembly Help

    I've always had luck with pliers. Just get big toothed ones and and put a lot of force on them, like rest your knee on it or sit on it or something. Then wiggle the body up and down and away and it should come off.

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