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Thread: Just got my Pelican M6 LED

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    Default Just got my Pelican M6 LED

    I really like it. I have had the Xenon version for about a year now. It is cool to have both!!

    With this only being a 1 watt, how would you guys compare this to other 1 watters? For example, the only other Luxeon I own is the Streamlight 3xAA Task light. I know it is only being driven by 4.5 volts versus the Pelican 6 volts, however, would you say the Pelican is WAY brighter, or only marginally. As I write this, I have not had a chance to get it home to do my own comparison.

    Also, how well doe the Pelican drain cells? Like my Inova X5T I can use partially drained cells from my Surefire and get good performance. Is the same true with the PM6 LED?

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    Default Re: Just got my Pelican M6 LED

    On the draining cell question. Uncertain memory here but I think one of the forum electronics heavyweights did some investigation of the circuit. You might try a search on +m6 +circuit or +m6 +efficiency. I seem to recall that efficiency was disappointing but as I said, uncertain memory.

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