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Thread: Battery Leak in my Pro-poly 7-LED

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    Default Battery Leak in my Pro-poly 7-LED

    Does anyone have recommendations on how to effectively clean up a battery leak? I've never had one before, and it does not appear that the "brown" substance reached the battery spring on the bottom of my flashlight. There is a noticeable amount of brown, toothpaste like substance on one side.....I was using Dorcy AA's and noticed my light wasn't near as bright....hope this doesn't happen too often.

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    Default Re: Battery Leak in my Pro-poly 7-LED

    First wipe up as much as you can with a rag. Then mix up a strong solution of a cleaning solvent such as ammonia and wipe the rest up. Do this outdoors, wear rubber gloves, and don't breathe the fumes.

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