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    1st-going thru the local sports/outdoor store, and lo-n-behold see a flashlight in the camping/hiking section. It's called an Arc Attitude. Hey, finally get to see one up close. Going for 19.99, hmm, don't know if thats a good price, but hear aboput it all the time on that forum I lurk at. How could I go wrong? They steered me right about the Scorpion I bought. Let's get it. Got it home and the damn thing wouldn't work!. Returned it and got another, going great now! Sure am glad you'all turned me on to it.
    2nd-For over the past month been seeing these led keychain clones. Only 4.99, beam seems not as good as my Asp, but I'd say good for the price. Been stocking up on them.
    Good for give aways.They come in two configurations, a round flat case, and a AAA mini-mag tube type. Cheap enough to keep 'em in different places around the house, in the office, car...
    Anyone else seen 'em too?

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    Quote from webley445----------
    It's called an Arc Attitude. ------------
    Then it is a light I haven't seen here. Maybe a Princeton Tec Attitude at that price?
    4AAA? It is a nice light.
    TTS has the Arc AAA, 1AAA, for $19.99. But I don't think you'll find that price at a brick & mortar.

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