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    I need to get myself a decent winter coat. I'm interested in good waterproofing and warmth. I'm thinking about some of the Cabela's brand coats that combine Goretex outer layers with either down or thinsulate insulation. Any experience here?

    I may also get one of the high speed low drag fleece jackets they sell for an inner layer on really cold days. They have some interesting offerings that look warm and resist wind.

    Any experiences? I don't need these for extended hiking/camping. A lot of the stuff from REI and similar places looks to be seriously expensive.

    I'm posting a few links.

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    Well, first thing is I'd say, is determine how much you're going to moving around.

    If you're going to be active, your body will generate a surprising amount of heat, and you'll sweat like crazy. Even in the cold of winter.

    However, if that's not the case, you'll want something with more insulation.

    Outer layers of nylon are very wind/water resistant(proof?) but if the nylon is smooth, also make a lot of noise.

    I've found pretty much any heavy coat is good at keeping me warm in the winter. The problem is my legs, hands, ears, nose etc that I usually don't bother with.

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    GORE-TEX® Thinsulate™ Parka, Jacket and Bibs

    I have both the regular jacket non parka and the bibs in forrest green. I got a free bag for buying the set. They are great if you go in and out doors and its too difficult to remove your jacket or its cold and windy and luke warm indoors. It adjust to the room temp, so you do not burn up like you do with a regular jacket. The bad part is, if you go out after being in, you do not feel the warmth, but you do not get that cold. As for rain, if its an all day soaker, it does tend to absorbe water and get heavy. YOu stay dry inside, but its a drippie mess once the day is done and you hang it up. Its better than any jacket I have had as far as sweating is concerned.

    Since I wear a flannel shirt under it and remove and install the shirt to my self for extra warmth.

    I guess it depends if you want a warm jacket or one to wear all day. Being in a wheelchair and a nomad I have to carry it so its just as easy to wear as it is to drag it behind me on the ground or cram it in the bag and have that swing around behind me. [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

    As for the bibs, I leave those at my parents house in the country. Those are great for keeping warm when the power fails and we end up seeing out breath for 2 weeks in out own house cause of a power failure. They are too puffy to wear daily and to deal with with my wheelchair.

    If your legs and what not are cold, you may want to consider a pair of insulated coveralls. I use to wear them in high school to keep warm and my cloths clean under them in shop.

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