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Thread: 13,300 Lumens LED with less Heat

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    Default 13,300 Lumens LED with less Heat

    As light-emitting diodes move toward the brightness of incandescent light bulbs, they are developing heat buildup, a problem that has long plagued their well-established rival.

    But this week, Lamina Ceramics will introduce an L.E.D. array with heat-reduction technology that allows it to be as bright as a theatrical light without risking an electronic meltdown.

    NY Times Article

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    Default Re: 13,300 Lumens LED with less Heat

    $4900 and 13 300 lumens and 800++ watts.. hmm.... if you take 800 lux 1, and assuming they have a efficiency of 30 lumens/watt, you get 24 000 lumens.... and they cost... 800 x $6 USD? = $4800 USD.. cheaper and brighter.... =p

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