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Thread: skype - internet telephone

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    Default skype - internet telephone

    i just discovered skype for me. it's like icq just with telephone. phoning between registered skype-users in the internet is free. from the internet to any other phone or mobile costs.
    positive: great quality when i tested it, easy to use
    negative: i heard about problems with the paying process, they only take credit card or, paypal would be better i think

    has anyone further experience with internet telephone?

    if anyone is interested to phone me, my nick is mb0711
    feel free to call.


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    Default Re: skype - internet telephone

    I've been using Skype for a while, though only for PC-to-PC calls. Within a country, on a fast Internet backbone, call quality is outstanding, better than what I get with cell phone service. When I'm calling out-of-country, it depends on network performance. Sometimes call quality is crystal clear, other days I really feel like giving up. Certainly a case of YMMV.

    But it's free, I ain't complainin'.... [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

    (Note: I don't use their paid services, so no idea about those.)

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    Default Re: skype - internet telephone

    I use it to call my parents and some friends overseas as well. The sound quality has always been outstanding, and the greatest part is it's free for PC to PC calls. The only thing I don't like is how power hungry this thing is. My parents have a PIII 800mhz with 512mb memory, and when they are running this thing, you can barely do any other things on their computer (even opening windows explorer takes a long time).

    Oh...and if you have a pocket PC, you can use their PPC version, kind of neat that you can turn a PDA into a phone. (Again, it's kind of power hungry, you will need a 400mhz processor on your PPC to run it)

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