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Thread: WTB: Reflector for my FF2

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    Default WTB: Reflector for my FF2

    Hey all,
    I'm looking for a reflector to fit my FF2, anyone have one or can anyone make one for me?

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    I don't mean to squash a sale, but you can grind down a SO17XA reflector yourself. They're available at the Sandwich Shoppe. I understand if you'd rather purchase one than DIY - the process looks like a PITA.

    Here's a couple of threads in the DSpeck forum:

    Firefly with reflector

    FF-II - Really in Need of Reflector

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    Default Re: WTB: Reflector for my FF2

    IMHO a tuned NX-05 is clearly superior to a reflector in very small flashlights.

    turning down an so17 reflector is a royal pita! but's that's not the real problem. the reduction of reflector area after you get done is.

    If you are willing to mod the copper head in FF by enlarging the cavity. You might come up with a reflector solution that aproaches a tuned NX-05.

    the tuned beam in a Li14430 is almost perfect. tuning FF's NX-05 will result in almost the same beam.

    if you look in the firefly forum, you'll find the instructions.

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    The master has spoken!

    Here's the thread, if you're interested (with additional input from the SUPREME MASTER, Larry/tvodrd).

    tuning firefly's optics to tight round beam

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    Default Re: WTB: Reflector for my FF2

    I much prefer the reflector in the FF. I've played with the cut down NX05's, even made a custom center section that spaced the NX05 out .070" from the emitter. It does make for a nice round beam, but virtually no sidespill. A properly modified center section with a turned SO17 reflector is much nicer for me, after modifying the head the reflector is the perfect size for the FF, you don't lose any of the actual reflector surface. After playing with every imaginable combination of optics, I now run the 17mm reflector in both my FF's. You do need the old style skirted reflector for best results, and they seem to have about dried up. Moving out the NX05 is much easier, but I don't like it nearly as well. To each his own.....

    Dan C

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