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Thread: got some good use from my Petz Tikka headlamp

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    Default got some good use from my Petz Tikka headlamp

    While my wife was packing her Christmas decorations, getting them ready to put back into the attic, I did a little carpenter work to make more space for them. Our attic is unfinished but a previous owner did nail some boards on top of the ceiling joists to create a little storage area. I got up there with more strips of plywood and expanded it. With my Petz Tikka headlamp I could work pretty well, aiming the center of its flood exactly where I needed for driving nails.

    I bought this thing on an impulse at REI several years ago, specifically for my wife and daughter to use to walk to the campground toilet when we go camping. I dug it out of my camping gear and decided maybe I could get a little more use out of it.

    To me headlamps are pretty much ho-hum. They just don't generate the interest that the latest Luxeon-based lights do, but headlamps certainly can be useful.

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    Default Re: got some good use from my Petz Tikka headlamp

    But wait! There are some headlamps now that are Luxeon based!

    Take a look at the Pelican 2630, Nuwai HLX-712L, and PrincetonTec EOS.

    So things are getting a little bit less ho-hum in the headlamp department....

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