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Thread: help with global express shippiing info please

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    Default help with global express shippiing info please

    I got an offer from a cpf'er to buy an extra McLux light that I have and they wanted me to ship it via global express, and I assume that is the usps version. I was wondering if any of you have shipped anything to Japan with insurance, I tried to look up rates and the closest I could come up with for a 1 pound or less package global express guaranteed is $36 or more. That may have some insurance attached or not,but before I can check with the post office I wanted to get back to the buyer. If anyone has experience with this I would appreciate any info.

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    Default Re: help with global express shippiing info please

    Don't use Global Express Guaranteed.

    Use Global Express instead. The free Express Mail box weighs around 9.3-9.4 ounces, so be sure to factor that into the gross weight estimate. You may go over a pound. Depends on the flashlight, and how well you package. Yes, you use the Express Mail box and form used for domestic Express mail. The first $100 of insurance is free. Add another $1.00 per hundred extra in value. You have to use the large Customs form. Can't use the green one. If the value is over $400, it gets more complicated. Takes about six days normally. You can follow the tracking. Tracking will tell you when it leaves the states, enters Customs, leaves Customs and when it's delivered.

    Shipped two Express Mail packages to Japan this week. One (over two pounds) cost $32.00 with over $300.00 of insurance, and the other (just under two pounds) cost $28.00 with over $300.00 of insurance.

    EDIT: You need the person's PHONE NUMBER for both forms.

    Each item has to be weighed, before it's packaged.

    Make it clear to your customer, that he or she is responsible for any and all Customs fees, duties, taxes, etc..

    Global Express and Global Express Guaranteed are both carried by FedEx, to the destination country's Customs. With Global Express Guaranteed, FedEx continues to deliver it after Customs.

    With Global Express, FedEx is done with it, after it reaches the destination country's Customs. Then the destination country's Postal System does the actual delivery.


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