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Thread: 5w luxeon mod for SF z3 combatlight

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    Default 5w luxeon mod for SF z3 combatlight

    [img]graemlins/bluesigh.gif[/img] Does anyone know of any mods for the SF z3 combatlight. I want to hook this up with a 5w cyan luxeon as an led option for this light.I have searched allover the forums and i cant seem to find any mods for this little 3x 123 cell monster. Please help. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: 5w luxeon mod for SF z3 combatlight

    I would like that too. I would just think it is a matter of getting a turbo head to take the mod. I will watch to see if any of our esteemed members can pull it off. Until then I'll use the KL3 bezel.

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    Default Re: 5w luxeon mod for SF z3 combatlight

    I thought someone (I think it was McGizmo) put a 5W side emitter in a P60 LA. Or am I mistaken?

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    Default Re: 5w luxeon mod for SF z3 combatlight

    Hi guys,

    I put a 5W HD in a P60 reflector and M2 bezel. Lot of work! I saw this post a couple of days ago but without a buck/boost driver like a wizard or what SF uses in the KL1 and 3, 3x123 cells will overdrive a 5W Luxeon. I know some of the overdrive and direct drive masters can sort through this but not this guy. Seems to me that with 5W's, you want some throw and I have only seen this with a turbo head; the smaller reflectors don't cut it, IMHO. The turbo modules I've made only work on 2 cells.

    - Don

    EDIT: If anyone can do a SF 3 cell flashlight justice with a 5W Luxeon, my money is on PK and team. He stated on the forum a few months back that he was working with 5W Luxeons.

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    Default Re: 5w luxeon mod for SF z3 combatlight

    about what is the current from 3-123's?

    i got the 5w rb (thanks dat! [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] ) and was going to power it from a 5d (6c) *ag, but would prefer the smaller 2d.

    i wasn't sure of the current, and didn't know if the luxeon could take it...i'm guessing it shouldn't be too much of a problem...i seem to recall people dding off of 3-123's, but maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on me again.

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